Ann Arbor News prints last words

Ann Arbor News is the latest victim of the newspaper industry’s decline, as they announced they are printing their last edition today. It will go online as, which will have a print addition twice a week.
In a farewell piece , posted, ironically, online, reporter and columnist Geoff Larcom wrote:

We did it for the connection to each other. There is no more interactive place than a newsroom. It is made for vivid conversations, freshened by the ever-changing nature of events and issues we cover.

And then:

As it was then, so it is now, as Web sites, blogs, Facebook and Twitter take center stage on Ann Arbor’s rapidly evolving media scene.

I don’t know, Twitter and blogs may be more immediate, but there is something magical about writing on deadline in a newsroom.


One response to “Ann Arbor News prints last words

  1. Is there really something “magical” about writing on deadline in a newsroom, or are you just being nostalgic?

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