Evening newspaper to launch in Toronto

A daily evening newspaper will launch in Toronto on Sept. 8, according to Media in Canada. The publication, a rare venture for an industry in decline, will be called t.o.night and will be distributed at public transit stations between 3:30 and 6:30 in the evening to provide subway riders with a print version of the news during their commute. Managing director John Cameron said most of the content will be taken from Canadian Press and local blogs, eliminating the need for a large editorial staff:

Because the majority of our news is provided by the newswires, we don’t have to have that staff that newspapers have. And so it allows us to be a much more lean operation and to be frank that’s what you have to be these days.

He added:

Transit riders can hold it in one hand. They can hold the subway pole and read it at the same time…For advertisers they love it too because their ads just pop.

The Toronto Star tried a similar project in September 2006, but their evening edition, called Star P.M. was a downloadable e-mail.

Not only will Toronto commuters be able to read the magazine-style newspaper without juggling a laptop, but Cameron said the paper will be distributed in a traditional fashion: paper boys and girls, dressed in poorboy caps and white oxford shirts, will distribute some copies of the newspaper.

Rumor has it the publisher has also placed an online advertisement seeking a movable type printing press and fountain pens.

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