Maybe the problem for New York Daily News is in the pictures

NY_DN0619-thumbAt least, that’s what Mort Zuckerman, chairman of Boston Properties Inc. and publisher of the Daily News, is thinking.

In an unusual step towards saving print media, Mark Zuckerman, chairman of Boston Properties Inc., said he intends to use cash he is raising from the sale of his own company stock to invest in printing presses for the New York Daily News. Using the 50.8 million dollars he plans to raise by selling 1 million shares, Zuckerman said he is hoping to print color pictures throughout the tabloid in an effort to draw advertisers and increase readership, revamping the country’s fifth-most widely circulated paper:

Wait till you see the way this paper is going to look four or five months from now. We are going to once again be able to be the picture newspaper in a way that nobody could have imagined.

While many newspapers are looking to entice online advertisers and generate revenue through customized advertising and ad configurations, Zuckerman’s efforts to increase the paper’s revenue through its print edition seems almost like an outdated vision. Even in color, newspaper ads can’t track a consumer’s shopping history and flash eerily personalized images in the styles section.


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