A celebrity blog without advertisements?

BuzzFotoThat’s the concept behind a new blog started by Buzz Foto, the Los Angeles-based paparazzi company that provides celebrity photos to magazines, newspapers and gossip sites.

In a press release this morning, co-owner Brad Elterman said the blog, BuzzFoto.com, presents a more elegant, artistic design, without the clutter of neon advertisements. “We toyed with adding advertising to the new blog, but it was too distracting,” he said.

The Web site is visually striking, an art gallery of celebrity snapshots illuminated by a black background and free from flashing ads.
The blog seems to be bucking a trend and snubbing an opportunity for profit at a time when most news companies and Web sites are looking to generate revenue through online advertisements.

But Henry Flores, the other co-owner of Buzz Foto, did not eliminate the possibility that the blog would contain ads in the future. Said Flores in the same press release:

Sure, if Gucci or Louis Vuitton come knocking on our door, we may make an exception. After all, our business is so fashion driven these days and that is what makes it so exciting.

Don’t let the indie coyness fool you. The profit motive, though hidden under some designer clothing, is strong, even on an artsy blog.

2 responses to “A celebrity blog without advertisements?

  1. Artsy and Crafty!

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