In Canada, newspapers, like the queen, still reign

After last week’s announcement that a Toronto evening newspaper is slated to launch in September, another bit of good cheer made the Canadian news. Yesterday, New Brunswick Inc. printed a French weekly newspaper called L’Étoile after a successful relaunch, bringing 100,000 copies of the paper to French-speakers throughout the eastern province.

The paper will provide local news for free to all cities in the province, which previously received their own French weeklies. But L’Étoile’s redesign now consolidates these weeklies, giving readers a common front page and region-specific inside sections.

With the newspaper industry in decline, these types of free, targeted publications seem to hold more promise to publishers, even in the US. A Texas-based political newspaper will be released next month, and The Banner in Boston, a paper that covers minority issues often ignored by mainstream media, relaunches today after suspending print on July 9.

Said Peter Peacock, the director of circulation for New Brunswich Inc.:

I think it’s about taking a brand and strengthening it across the whole area so it becomes recognized, rather than small individual brands that only have pockets of recognition. We’re hoping we can leverage the benefit to our advertising community by doing this, but it also has a broader appeal to our consumers.

At least Canada understands the value of print, even if they still call the queen of England their legal head of state and their dollar coin a “loonie.”


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