In anachronism, Examiner moves headquarters to accommodate recent expansion

examiner logo_8.9Downsizing seems to be the norm for newspapers across the country, but the San Francisco Examiner is not buying it. According to an online message, the Examiner moved its headquarters to a new location that is 25 percent larger than their previous newsroom. Apparently, the paper needed more office space because they recently expanded their staff.

In the brief announcement on the paper’s Web site, publisher John Wilcox said, “As we’ve grown, the need for more space has been greater.“ He then added, “The new location will allow the editorial and advertising components of The Examiner to run more efficiently.”

Despite the Examiner’s recent success, one of the city’s other papers, the San Francisco Chronicle seems to be struggling. Just two weeks ago, the Chronicle’s parent company, Hearst Corp. leased their shuttered printing press to Webcor, a construction company in one of their downsizing measures. The paper also recently lost their last investigative reporter when Lance Williams resigned after staff cuts reduced the number of available reporters in the newsroom.

If it’s any consolation, it does seem like a one-newspaper town can generate more paper profit — the New York Times reported today that the Seattle Times has managed to operate in the black since the Post-Intelligencer folded earlier this year.

And it looks like the Examiner doesn’t plan on going anywhere — not only is the new newsroom 17,000 sq. feet, but the paper signed a multi-year lease for the space.

Then again, Enron moved their headquarters to an enormous Houston office space in 2000, and by 2002, they were gone.


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