North Carolina paper provides local news, synergy

news@normanAfter news@norman decided to charge for home delivery, the North Carolina weekly could have become another one of the increasing number of local papers to abandon their presses.

Instead, Lake Norman residents have rallied behind the neighborhood newspaper, following a rising trend among small communities who want to read their own local articles on their own front pages.

But in a move this week that Ken Fortenberry, the paper’s publisher and editor, called “unusual,” a retired resident apparently came to the paper’s office to offer not only his own courier service, but the combined efforts of a “small army of unpaid carriers.”

And though the paper declined the proposal, Fortenberry wrote a column today saying this:

Gestures like that make us feel good – knowing that you folks want to continue to receive your community’s newspaper.

And by “good,” we’re pretty sure he meant slightly unsettled by the paradoxical image of an army of retirees delivering a print newspaper with an internet symbol in the masthead.

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