Thursday night irony: former editor cancels own newspaper subscription

Why would a newspaper editor give up his morning paper? Ask John Temple, the former editor of the folded Rocky Mountain News, who canceled his subscription to the Denver Post earlier this month. In a blog post, he urged other editors and publishers to dump their print editions and read online news “for two weeks or a month” so they can experience a “sense of urgency”:

I’m not talking about a sense of urgency about revenue. We know that’s there in most buildings in this economic downturn. But is it there to the same degree in understanding audience and what’s available to people today? Is it there in making sure their offerings stack up?

Temple may be fine getting his news from RSS feeds in his quest to make a relevant point, but he seems to be biting the hand that fed him. Even if that hand wasn’t always very generous.

And though the Denver Post was his rival paper and is still printing when his own paper is now just the doomed poster child for a collapsing industry, we’re pretty sure jealousy and spite didn’t play a factor in his decision.

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