Saturday edition: Did Sarah Palin have a hidden plan to save newspapers?

Readership is declining, circulation is decreasing, but maybe more people should follow Sarah Palin if the newspaper industry stands a chance.

It’s old news, but did Palin’s interview last September with Katie Couric reveal a masked plan to save newspapers? Is she on a secret mission to increase readership? On September 30, 2008, Couric asked Palin what newspapers she read. Palin’s response? “All of them, any of them”:

Palin’s got it, clearly. If everyone displayed this kind of non-discriminatory approach to receiving printed news, skyrocketing readership could save newspapers across the country. Maybe broad national support for every newspaper would stimulate our competitive spirits, inspiring people to read as many papers as they could to maintain a newsy edge.

At least we would all be as politically savvy as the former governor of Alaska. Though she did admit her proximity to Russia and Canada may be responsible for that.

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