Need coupons? Don’t look for them in the LA Times

In one of the greatest indications that advertisers have lost faith in newspaper circulation, Valassis, one of the country’s most prominent media and marketing companies, announced today they are ceasing distribution of their coupon booklets and discount flyers within the Los Angeles Times. The RedPlum coupons and circulars will be delivered by mail to newspaper subscribers effective August 24.

The decision comes after a similar move earlier this year when Valassis removed their coupon booklet from the Cleveland Plain Dealer and the Dallas Morning News as a result of decreased circulation.

In Valassis’ press release today, the company wrote:

Valassis is committed to ensuring the optimization of market coverage for its clients and providing consumers with a multitude of savings and deals in as many ways as possible.

But what about distributing digital versions of the booklets on the online newspaper site? Nope, that isn’t what Valassis meant by “ensuring optimization of market coverage,” either. Apparently, even snail mail is now a more preferable vehicle for promoting car wash discounts and burger joints than any form of LA news.

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