Indiana newspaper goes postal

What happened to the paperboy?

That might be an outdated question, calling to mind a less-frenzied era of bicycles and dinner bells. And actual evening papers.

But what about the satisfying plop of a newspaper hitting a Sunday driveway, boomeranging from the open windows of a delivery car? Well, that could be an anachronistic fling, too.

The Evening News, a local paper in Clark County, Indiana, announced today they were partnering with the post office for their newspaper delivery, citing the “economic slump” and a need for more delivery efficiency. According to an online column, the switch will begin October 1 for all weekday publications.

But the weekend paper thud hasn’t been entirely silenced — the Sunday edition will still be delivered by motor-driven newspaper carriers. Apparently, the newspaper couldn’t convince the post office to deliver the mail on Sundays.

In his column, publisher Jim Grahn wrote that the paper “delivers tens of thousands rather than hundreds of thousands of copies per day,” making it “a good candidate for same-day mail delivery.” And the afternoon paper, he added, has always been delivered later in the day anyway.

And the crux:

There are efficiencies and savings inherent in partnering with the postal service that will better allow us to focus on what matters most: Covering Clark County news, information and sports better than anyone.

Grahn promised the new mailing system would not delay the paper’s daily delivery, though subscribers will now have to wait for their mail instead of receiving the paper on their doorsteps in the morning.

But don’t worry. Grahn assured zealous readers the Evening News will still be available on news racks at 5 a.m every morning. You know, if they suddenly want their traditionally afternoon paper with their morning coffee.

Or if they don’t use the newspaper’s constantly updated Web site. Or the internet.

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