Discussion with Redford — and those other real reporter guys — will spotlight journalism, film


Robert Redford may not be a bona fide reporter, but his beyond convincing portrayal of Bob Woodward placed him in the ranks of journalistic greatness. So much so that he will hold a discussion with the real Woodward and Bernstein on September 12 at Brooklyn’s BAM Rose Cinemas.

The discussion will follow a screening of “All the President’s Men,” arguably the most compelling film about the Watergate scandal and the Washington Post reporters who broke the story, and definitely the film with the most terrifying underground garage.

And though Dustin Hoffman won’t be there to complete the superfecta, combining a cinematic thriller and real live investigative journalists promises to reintroduce the concept of legitimate reporting to New York’s entertainment-thirsty hipsters.

And when investigative journalism is as passé as fedoras and coke-bottle glasses were before their own hipster revival, this Brooklyn happening could be just the thing it needs to rocket it into chic-dom again.

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