Another round at SF Chronicle, but no one’s toasting

SFIn a clandestine and layered announcement, the San Francisco Chronicle has indicated another round of layoffs is in the works. The Chronicle informed the California Media Workers Guild they were gearing up for a yet-unspecified number of staff cuts this morning.

Carl Hall, a local representative for the Guild, told SF Weekly the reasons for the decision are unknown, though he added this:

It’s not good news. But that’s all I know.

Chronicle Unit Chair Michelle Devera issued the following statement on the Guild Web site:

The Guild was given a “heads-up” today that more layoffs are in store for The Chronicle. There were no details as to numbers or departments, but additional information was expected within a day or two.

Arrangements are being made for Guild leadership to meet with management representatives. If we hear anything, we will let you know. As always, please check our Web site for updates.

She signed her bulletin with the words “in solidarity,” but odds are, there was no unifying sense of hope in the Chronicle newsroom.

In May, more than a dozen reporters were cut from the paper, and a series of buyout offers were accepted by an estimated 150 newspaper union employees two weeks later.

But at least the Bay area paper hasn’t folded yet. Apparently, cutting all their reporters will free up enough cash to continue printing articles. Who will write them, however, is becoming a mystery.


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