Forced to share a newspaper, will two Minnesota towns kiss and make up?

It’s an improbable marriage for two Minnesota towns long embittered in a historical feud. But their two local newspapers, both struggling to provide news to a total population of less than 5,000, will soon share a combined publication.

Starting October 1, the Perham Enterprise Bulletin and the New York Mills Herald will join editorial forces to publish a new regional East Otter Tail weekly newspaper.

According to an editorial in the Enterprise that ran last Thursday, the two Otter Tail County towns have cultivated a century-spanning animosity, with residents rarely visiting their neighboring businesses and cultural attractions.

Though an online search didn’t turn up much about the origin of the rivalry, one definitely exists.

Said Louis Hoglund, editor of the Perham Enterprise Bulletin, in his column:

Let’s be up front about a couple things:

Most of us are aware that there has been animosity between New York Mills and Perham over the years.

Well folks, it’s time to get over it.

The Herald’s editor, Kevin Cederstrom, ran a separate editorial. The tone was less bombastic, though it still managed to impart a similar whiff of bitterness:

Each newspaper has a long history and tradition, and that has to be respected. Good or bad, though, times change. This is a big change, no doubt about it. Unfortunately, sometimes history has to step aside in the name of business. This decision, as were previous decisions made in regards to the Herald, has to do with business and doing what makes sense financially for the company.

And though the name for the new publication is still uncertain, the editorial page board is already making space for a weekly smack down.


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