New laptop sleeve mimics newspapers, print editions across Europe suffer identity crisis

In a testament to a newspaper’s decreasing appeal, a company called mitemite unnecessary objects lab is offering to protect a laptop with a newspaper. Well, not an actual newspaper, but a sleeve meant to look like one.

The Spanish company is selling the sleeves for 60€ — or about $86 — in a plethora of front-page designs including three Spanish papers, the International Herald-Tribune and a German paper. But here’s a crafty catch: all the titles are misspelled. Apparently, mitemite couldn’t bear to pay the papers to use their actual titles.

Of course, if anyone tried to pick up the newspaper lying innocuously on a café table, they might notice it feels suspiciously like a MacBook Pro. But the company is operating under the assumption that newspapers are so unappealing that this would never happen anyway.

And even with a computer tucked inside, certainly no educated techno-thief would ever want to be caught carrying the “Herold Tribune.” That is, like, so much more uncool than carrying an actual newspaper.


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