Leading digital publisher adds e-Readers to list of new media channels

Someone is definitely determined to make newspapers more outdated than a pteranodon in an aviary.

Pressmart, a leading publisher of digital print media editions, announced today they are making e-Editions of their print clients available for e-Readers like Kindle and Sony, adding another digital media channel to their already massive list that includes, among others, Web sites, podcasts, RSS feeds, blogs and social networking sites.

The media distribution company, whose clients include such papers as the Birmingham Post, the San Diego Union-Tribune and the Orlando Sentinel, allows readers to experience digital versions of magazines, journals and newspapers on various new media platforms, and this latest addition only increases the availability of news for readers who adamantly eschew any form of print.

But in their press release, Pressmart promised this new avenue for article consumption would actually help papers increase their subscriptions. The company said this:

This unique technology enables news publishers to attract new subscribers who wish to read news and access their favorite newspaper content on the e-Reader screen in its original format.

And really, who doesn’t want to read a cool electronic edition of another Pressmart client, the soon-to-be-extinct-anyway Philadelphia Inquirer? At least no one will be able to identify that unfortunate soul who still deigns to open a dying news rag. We hear it’s too difficult to unfold a Kindle.

But Pressmart is only used in 35 countries and distributes content in only 22 languages so far. And, seriously, how many people really own a Kindle? Actual newspaper might still stand a chance.

That is, until Apple decides to completely bury the printed lede and release their own version of an e-Reader.


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