Another company aggressively infiltrates e-reader market

COOL-ERAmazon and Sony are already facing an onslaught of competition from companies offering their own versions of e-readers.

On Sunday, the London Times reported that Asus, the company behind the original netbook, was going to introduce an e-reader for slightly more than half the price of a Kindle. And there are rumors percolating through the webosphere that Apple intends to launch their own tablet sometime soon.

And now, another company appears to be gunning for their own slice of the e-reader pie.

Though Interead, the UK media company intent on digitizing and distributing books, already supplies a technological counterpart to these more established tablets called the COOL-ER — which draws books from, the largest online bookstore — the company just confirmed on Sept. 2 that they had struck a deal with Google allowing them access to the Google Books online inventory.

And if that’s not a draw, this definitely is: Interead’s marketing director Phil Wood has alluded to a cooler (COOL-ER?) upgrade that would feature a color screen and wireless access for on-the-go book downloading. All by January 2010.

Of course, that would probably be more significant if the Kindle didn’t already have free internet access, but at least Interead is providing a tiny spark in the innovation direction.

Now if only Wood had promised an e-reader that could read its e-books out loud. That British accent would definitely be sexy.


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