Amish newspaper goes digital

budgetThough the Amish usually shirk technological innovations and modern conveniences, they seem to be accepting one stylish advancement.

The Budget, the community weekly publication known nationally as the Amish newspaper, has gone digital, launching a Web site for easier local news reading. But, lest this brave foray alters some traditional cosmic force — or somehow spooks the buggy-lugging horses — the publishers have promised not to offer their national edition online.

To find out more about the print-only edition of the Budget, the Web site reads, “For more information on The Budget – The Amish Newspaper National Edition, please refer to the Contact Us link and e-mail the appropriate department.”

E-mails? Links? Though the publishers said they won’t put national content on the web “out of respect for our 116-year relationship with our Amish and Mennonite writers, readers and friends,” maintaining a cozy relationship apparently isn’t as important now that there is web traffic to secure.


One response to “Amish newspaper goes digital

  1. What would Weird Al say about this intrusion into the Amish paradise?

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