Doing what it does best: E&P reports own demise

Editor & Publisher, a trade journal that has covered the print journalism industry since 1884, will become yet another publication to fold when parent company Nielsen shuts it down at the end of the year, according to an article on the E&P Web site. Nielsen also announced plans to close Kirkus Reviews, a publication that covers the book publishing industry, which, incidentally, is also an industry under duress.

But Nielsen is still looking to make some sort of profit, even if it doesn’t plan to look for buyers for E&P or Kirkus. In the same announcement, Nielsen revealed plans to sell eight other titles to e5 Global Media, including Billboard and the Hollywood Reporter, which cover the music and entertainment industries, respectively.

In his message announcing the decision to close E&P and Kirkus, Greg Farrar, the president of Nielsen Business Media, wrote:

This move will allow us to strengthen investment in our core businesses – those parts of our portfolio that have the greatest potential for growth – and ensure our long-term success.

Ouch. But perhaps completely shuttering these meta-publications is a preemptively good move for Nielsen, at least financially — anyone who reads E&P already knows there isn’t much “potential for growth” for newspapers. And there won’t be much to report anyway when the industry being covered no longer exists.

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