The merits of blogging

Aspiring journalists used to use clips from print media to impress prospective employers. And many print publications like the Boston Globe and the St. Petersburg Times still solicit — or at least, solicited from this year’s internship applicants — published clips. But bylines may be losing their edge in the search for employment.

According to a post on The Next Web, blogging may be the newest, hippest way to secure a job in journalism. “I think students entering the marketplace who have never run their own news website are at an increasing disadvantage,” Paul Bradshaw, a visiting professor at the City University of London and a journalism teacher at Birmingham city University, told TNW. “Pretty much every employer I talk to says that they would ask serious questions about why an applicant was not already doing their journalism on some sort of online platform. There’s also a new opportunity for students to build assets – a URL, a network, a reputation – that employers will be looking for.”

And if Brian Stelter, the New York Times media reporter who seems to have filed more bylines than anyone else ever, is any proof (he started the blog TVNewser in 2004 and was hired by the Times in 2007), maybe blogging is the key to maybe getting paid maybe someday in journalism.

A wise journalist once told Observer: “Don’t say you want to be writing for a paper. Think about what it will mean to be a journalist. You want to be read and seen. Be Google-able, be YouTube-able. Print media may not even exist.” Ten points to the person who can guess who it was, and one million points to the reporter himself. Thank you.

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