Boston Herald offers buyouts to all employees

Though Boston is on the opposite coast, it may be heading in the same direction as Seattle. In March 2009, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, one of two major newspapers in Seattle, folded, leaving the city with the Seattle Times as its only paper.

Today, the Boston Herald offered buyouts to all of its employees. Though the paper’s publisher and president Patrick Purcell said these “financial efficiencies” (asking people nicely to leave before firing them) would “position us well for the future,” the “staff adjustments” may be a not-so-subtle way of saying the Herald is in dire straits.

At least the city will still have the Boston Globe. Although even the Globe’s future has been shaky — the New York Times wanted to sell the Globe in 2009 before deciding it was worth keeping. And if the Globe becomes the only paper, well, it might be only a matter of time before it, like the Times, puts up a pay wall. But hey, maybe the city can use its new Stanley Cup as a battering ram.

One response to “Boston Herald offers buyouts to all employees

  1. The LedeObserver, leading observer of the fight to save print journalism is back on line keeping us informed. Hurrah! It’s difficult slipping anything over when the Lede \Observer is on the job.

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