Maybe not in reading, but people still interested in newspapers

“Page One,” a documentary about the New York Times, averaged $16,500 in two theaters this weekend.

Among Sundance flicks released this weekend, “Page One” debuted at number one, eking out a win over “Buck” and trumping Fox Searchlight’s “The Art of Getting By.” According to indieWire, “Page One” took in $33,000 on two screens in New York, for an average of $16,500, while “Buck” claimed $64,400 on four screens, averaging $16,100. “The Art of Getting By,” however, did not do so well, taking in $700,000 on 610 screens for a paltry average of $1,148.

People may not be reading newspapers, but they’re still fascinated by them. Or at least, more fascinated by the media desk at the New York Times than by a horse-whisperer and a high-school boy.


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