The Fold: News of the World

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation-owned British tabloid abruptly shuttered its presses today after finding itself engulfed in a phone-hacking scandal. The weekly’s unethical — and illegal — journalism techniques were hitting News Corp. hard. The paper was losing advertisers and News Corp.’s stock was plunging because of the scandal. And yet, was this unexpected?

At a press conference in August 2009, Murdoch said this:

Quality journalism is not cheap.

And earlier that year, in June, he told Neil Cavuto of Fox Business:

I can see the day — and it may be 20 years away — where you don’t actually have paper and ink and printing presses.

Maybe it was cheaper to hack phones and call it a day when caught than try to produce “quality journalism.”


One response to “The Fold: News of the World

  1. i Sid — I first got blocked trying to open Matt’s url. So I typed in the long email address and then got the article all in code that looked like Chinese. There was a top box that implied I might get it in another way so I pressed that box and read your terrific article. You can tell by the words I use about the internet that I am still quite the novice. The brain’s plasticity is a bit limited when you’re nearing 80 {next year}, Hope to see you real soon. I have been extremely busy this summer with work and tickets to lots of music and theatre and out of town commitments or you would have seen me in NY before now. LOL grandma

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